Electric Service

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Through effective operation and maintenance, Graceful provides customers with efficient and reliable energy solutions that ensure the stable operation and continuous power generation capacity of the LM2500 G4 DLE.

At the same time, the company actively promotes energy efficiency and environmental awareness to contribute to sustainable development.

This project is one of Graceful’s core businesses in the energy sector, and through its

professional operation and maintenance team, the company continues to improve its capabilities and create sustainable value for its customers.




Operation Management: Responsible for the daily operation management of the gas turbine, including equipment monitoring, performance evaluation, fuel management, power generation planning and operation optimization.

Maintenance: Responsible for regular maintenance and servicing of the LM2500 G4 DLE, including inspection, cleaning, lubrication, parts replacement and troubleshooting to ensure equipment reliability and continuous operation.

Troubleshooting: Provide quick response and repair services to minimize downtime and production loss in the event of equipment failure or abnormalities.

Performance Optimization: Through data analysis and performance evaluation, we are committed to optimizing the performance of gas turbines to improve power generation efficiency and economic benefits.

Compliance and Safety: Strictly comply with relevant regulations and safety standards to ensure that operation and maintenance processes meet environmental and safety requirements and safeguard the safety of employees and equipment.



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